Google removes underlined links, says goodbye to 1996 | The Verge

 Starting today, the ’90s-style underlined links are being removed from Google search results. It truly marks the end of an era of the web, with underlined links a familiar method used by web developers to highlight links on sites like Geocities, Altavista, and

Good and great

Small but very good article that is kind of a friendly reminder that customers may remember the last 10% of your effort. Article talks about products but the same can be applied towards services. Anyone with similar skillset can do 90% of the job but the last 10% is what sets you apart. And that last 10% is what may count the most.

Flowchart for when to take a photo

Photography Flow Chart

Responsive, App, or Mobile Website – Which strategy is right for you?

This is the question that comes up when a business decides to cater the the mobile audience. With the multitude of platforms, devices, screen sizes being used to visit a website, the decision of which mobile strategy to use can be confusing.

Even though this infographic is from a product company it does show some good pros and cons of each method and why one could be chosen over the other. Of course it all depends on not only your audience but the specific task you want your audience to accomplish.

infographic mobile strategy just gets better

I’ve written about before when I started this blog. It’s a great service and has encouraged me to read (or “listen”) to more books than ever before. One of the best monthly expense I don’t think twice about paying. Today I’m writing about a great feature I just noticed on the site.

Not sure when this was added but just noticed that as a subscriber I have a chance to return a book that I didn’t like. On the My Library page I saw this:

My Library |

So it allows you to return any book you didn’t find useful that you had purchased by credits in the past year!  I recently had some books that I found were either too boring because of the narrator or just didn’t like the book all together. This makes Audible even more valuable because I can exchange them for credit or another book. is an awesome service that just gets better.

Rush Hour on Indian roads

Rush Hour by mukeshwani
Rush Hour, a photo by mukeshwani on Flickr.

you have to deal with all kinds of things, cars, bikes, people and yes…animals.

In the connected revolution be a monkey, not a kitten

Connecting Worlds

This is just an analogy but it makes sense when you read it in context. I learned about this from Seth Godin’s book The Icarus Decption. The book is about how the connected economy and the networked world has changed how we operate. The theme is pick yourself. A kitten will wait to be rescued by her mother but a monkey will have to piggyback on the mother if he wants to be rescued. Similarly in the industrial revolution if someone wanted to become Oprah then they would have to wait for the media industry to come to her. But now a days if one wants to start a talk show and share with the world all they need is a YouTube channel. You had to be lucky and have the “right connections” in the past to get a good job that you liked. Today with the Internet medium you can create a job you like all by yourself. So the connected world allows you to pick yourself instead of waiting to be picked.


Pretty neat use of mobile data

This is a neat experiment IBM researchers conducted with mobile traces. An entire route and mapping information was extracted from cell phone connections across an area.

Transportation map by IBM

Fixing bus routes using mobile data.


Clever way to get job applications

Here is a clever way to get applicants to submit their resumes. I bet this process weeds out unqualified people and saves time.

Recruiting and keeping good talent

A new look at how companies are trying to attract good talent and keep good talent. Using consumerization of technology and benefits of bringing your own device to work allows companies like Shell to market to potential hires.